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Refugee status

Refugee status

The refugee status is granted to a foreigner if, as a result of a justified fear of persecution in the country of origin due to:

  • race,
  • religion,
  • nationalities,
  • political beliefs or,
  • belonging to a specific social group – he can not or does not want to use the protection of this country.

In addition, refugee status is given to a minor child of a foreigner who has been granted refugee status in Poland, born in its territory.

Supplementary protection is granted to a foreigner when returning to the country of origin may expose him / her to a real risk of suffering serious harm by:

  • decree of the death penalty or execution,
  • torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,
  • serious and individual threat to life or health resulting from the widespread use of violence against civilians in a situation of international or internal armed conflict, and because of this risk can not or does not want to enjoy protection of the country of origin.

Applications for international protection are decided by the Head of the Office for Foreigners, and the Refugee Board is the appeal body.


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